Cutting My Losses: Inaccessible Wallet Funds

2019-03-14T13:02:07.000Z Honest Cash

They're in public view and anyone can see them: bitcoincash:qq6hpnckjn6zp9l6qlza079lhg7ruz8gx5d7vv9hsu

But, I can't access the $5 in the wallet.

I downloaded a whole bunch of Bitcoin wallets to see if I could import the wallet and send the funds, to no avail. I then wondered how, exactly, I would be able to receive usable funds, given that any upvotes I'd get… would be unusable to me, even to upvote other people's material, as I've been enjoying doing on memo.

I wrote down the seed and WIF of my current connected wallet, and then had the current wallet wiped and created a new one, seeing if that would change the receiving address. It didn't. And then, I saw that I could edit my profile and change where the money from the upvotes goes to.

I had two reactions:

"You idiot! You just created work for yourself that was superfluous!"

And: "Well, that's what I'll do, then!"

And I have. Including writing down the new seed and WIF.

I feel rather stupid for not realizing I could do that earlier.

My internet seems to be down so the new wallet wasn't even created.

But now I'm also wondering:

The address on my profile for me receiving tips needs to be the same as the one that I send tips from in the deposit section, right?

Or am I being dumb?


RE: Cutting My Losses: Inaccessible Wallet Funds

by @TheOneLaw

Further investigation when I finally found time to examine this:

In my instance it turns out that the

Privacy Badger extension I use had blocked completely the access which kills the wallet function.

Your problem may be very different, of course.

I found many accidental ways to kill the wallet while checking.


RE: Cutting My Losses: Inaccessible Wallet Funds

by @TheOneLaw

UPVOTING this if I could,

but I get this problem:

I will try to reseed mine again,

cheers and best wishes

RE: Cutting My Losses: Inaccessible Wallet Funds

by @ichundes

So, you had a previous wallet that you can't get your funds off, even though you are using the old derivation path in for example Electron Cash?

I had that problem and managed to solve it using a small html page that uses simple-bitcoin-wallet to get the private key. You can download the file from here:

Save it locally on your computer somewhere and open it in a text editor. You can see it only uses the simple-bitcoin-wallet.min.js from Put your seed into the "new SimpleWallet" call where it says "put your seed in here". Now open the html file in your browser and it should display your private key. I used Electron Cash to swipe it but other wallets should work as well.

Before this I was unable to restore my wallet, Electron Cash just would not display any transactions. Hope it works for you as well.

RE: RE: Cutting My Losses: Inaccessible Wallet Funds

by @anarchovegan