CENSORSHIP - PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Patreon, Discover

2019-01-11T02:35:16.000Z Honest Cash

Originally just here, with slightly different content, and I'm impressed that it transferred to here so well. I have little reason to cross-post it to my Weku, as I have to redo all of the links, which I don't have to do when I cross-post it from here or from Yours, and they both hyperlink rather than editlink.

Likewise, both honest.cash and Yours.org work with Bitcoin, so the money is integrated. With that out of the way:

Curious about what other censorship I might need to be concerned about, I did a search about MasterCard. And then Visa. This one claims Discover, too.

MasterCard is infamous now for pressuring Patreon to censor people, not just limited to Sargon of Akkad. PayPal is included in this: " In July, Breitbart Tech senior reporter Allum Bokhari warned that a growing number of conservatives and dissidents would soon be banned from financial services, such as Patreon, PayPal, and Stripe."

However, Visa is not above the fray: "Wikileaks has not been convicted of anything by any court of law. Yet PayPal (and, as of December 6, 2010, both VISA and Mastercard) are preventing people from making payments to Wikileaks. This is the privatization of state censorship, pure and simple."

The situation is a catch-22: 

"I have canceled my PayPal account. I will find it more difficult to cancel my VISA card, I must admit.

I encourage all people who support freedom of the press to do likewise and cancel their PayPal accounts.

[Begin Editor’s note:

Although I did cancel my PayPal account, I have not and will not cancel my VISA account nor my Amazon account. I simply depend too much on those mechanisms. Hence, I retract my recommendation that others cancel their accounts. Why?


I wrote my suggestion to cancel PayPal a few minutes after hearing about PayPal’s decision to censor Wikileaks on KNX News radio.

It was not until the next day that VISA and MasterCard did likewise.

I also did not know about Amazon’s decision to cancel hosting of wikileaks.org until later.

That being said, although I did cancel my PayPal account, I simply cannot afford to not use VISA (my one and only credit card) nor cancel Amazon, that provides excellent service and is an integral part of my use of the cloud in my professional life.

In other words, I’m stuck.

We’re all stuck.

We now live in a world where private companies engage in censorship based on extra-judicial directives from government administrators."

What alternatives to VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal are there? Can alternatives be made? Would Skycoin be the answer?

I'm looking for alternatives. I saw something about American Express, and I did a search for American Express; they look fine. In looking at their debit card, I see there's a $1 monthly fee. Hm. 

However, BlueBird does not have a monthly fee. Well, I couldn't sign up anyway.

I've tried RuPay. And some more alternatives. The reorganization to fight censorship and have financial freedom of expression continues.