Bookmarking new site to delete my Patreon

2019-01-11T22:33:57.000Z Honest Cash

I like using for this instead of facebook.

I feel proud to do it :)

So, Xerographica is apparently getting hate for saying that is better than I find that amusing, as I completely agree.

The post Xero was responding to mentioned delegatecall, which apparently also made cryptozombies. Since Cent is using ETH, and I want to get into coding, and Coinbase rejected me, I'm curious to learn the trade.

However, I also need to get all the tabs I've got going, down, and get my Patreon disabled, before I do that, if I don't want my computer to freeze up with a bazillion tabs. I realized yesterday that I'd said I'd take my Patreon down the 8th, and I got busy with life stuff and totally forgot, mistakenly thinking I was going to do it on the 15th, which Peterson and that other guy is doing.

I'm not simply going to delete my patreon, though.

I'm also going to be spreading the word to those who are also on Patreon, although I'm wondering if that will be necessary, given the longstanding publicity that the Sargon censoring event has sustained.


Can't log in to my Patreon.

by @anarchovegan

So, I've been trying to log in to my Patreon for around 2 days off and on, and I regret that I logged out of it. I can't figure out what they think my email is… namely, what I changed it to. I've sent them an email for help.

The irony… that I want to log in to delete my account.

"Hi there,

Thanks so much for reaching out to Patreon - we have received your request.

We're currently experiencing a high volume of tickets and are anticipating slower response times. If you have any updates regarding your message reply to this same email. We know you have pressing questions and feedback to share with us, and we’re eager to respond as soon as we can.

As always, we really appreciate your patience and ask that you provide as much detail as possible when sending in support tickets. If you are inquiring about the specifics of your account, make sure that you have sent an email from the email address attached to your Patreon account. That way, our team can find a solution for you quickly and efficiently.

In the meantime, here are a few helpful links, as we also have a robust help center that may answer your questions.

1) For creator questions about where your payouts are, please see this article here.
2) For patrons who need to edit their membership to a creator, please review our help guides:
How do I edit my membership?

How do I update my payment info?
3) To get in touch with your creators about rewards or content, send them a message as described here
4) For any additional questions, visit our FAQ Page:


Patreon Support"