Nightmare on a day-light!

2019-01-20T05:23:57.000Z Honest Cash

The best lesson I've ever learned about traveling happened while we was on a white-water rafting trip. Five of us were in the raft when it hit a rock and flipped, launching us into the air like a catapult and sending everyone headfirst into the icy water. Some of us remembered that, in the event of a spill, we needed to stay calm and position ourselves on our back, feet facing downstream. We zipped around rocks and through a cascade of water, eventually dragging ourselves safely ashore.

Later, I felt that all of us had experienced a type of brain freeze.We could see the unfaithful environments around us. We knew we were in danger, even we knew that we needed to do something. But we actually could not make a little decision about what action we should take. For this reason, we froze like the stone in the day-light and did nothing. Lack of a decisive path, the river acted with us like an angry pimp with bills to pay and slapped us senseless…