Redesign - Uraraka Ochako

2019-04-11T07:33:28.000Z Honest Cash

So. Decided to try Clip Paint Studio, power outrages are fucking with me (THANK YOU, GOVERMENT e.e), have eighteen days to go and I’ve lost SIX DAYS of my trial period due to this whole ‘electromagnetic attack’ shitshow. I’m not even going to explain why that’s impossible. Nope, no thanks.

Anyway, I started this illustration after the second major power outrage (52 hours), but by the time we had light again in my house (which was yesterday, basically, because light was gone 8 hours this Tuesday and the 18 hours this Wednesday and I was at work during the few hours we had light :V) I was very discouraged. Barely made any changes. Then I knew I won’t be finishing it as I would’ve liked.

I’m sad, because I was very excited when I started and now… I can't find myself to care. Hope you like it anyway.