Hello, Dear Strangers!

2019-04-10T20:19:23.000Z Honest Cash

I just joined this community. Literally.

Not gonna lie, I just came from Steemit. However, I haven't been on that site for long, so I have zero expectations and thus decided to try check Honest Cash out.

So far, I like it. No dead-ass long waiting list (as I belived it'd be) in order to join, or perhaps I'm just lucky. Anyhow, I'm not complaining.

Now, let's see… things about me? I'm Venezuelan, which is why I'm interested in this kind of site, any kind of extra-help to survive this hell is always welcome. I'd known.

Young, I won't give you numbers, but I've got a few years being of age. I draw, mostly anime-manga-cartoon oriented. I also write… fanfictions. Yeah, yeah; you laugh at me all you want, but I like that stuff as long as the plot isn't, well, shit. Like Twilight. Twilight is crap, you can't change my mind.

I also like memes. And complaining. I usually dissect stuff for the whole sake of making a consistent complain, I've got no chill. What else is there…? Oh! Edition! I don't do that as often as I used to, but still enjoy it.

I think that’s all for an introduction. See you around, folks!