Cats of Istanbul - in Istanbul an ordinary "kedi" lives an extraordinary life

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I have just spent 9 days in Istanbul. Everywhere I walked, there were cats. While the cats are not adopted formally, they are taken care of by no one and everyone, a giant community network of cat caring. I compiled the best shots of cats and put them here on Honest. Enjoy!

1. View on Sea of Marmara from the Asian side of Istanbul

2. View on Fenerbahçe located on the Asian side at the shore of the Sea of Marmara.

3. View on the Sea of Marmara from Moda neighborhood

4. Cafes in historical neighborhood of Balat**

5. Moda neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul

6. Walking the streets of Kadiköy

7. View on the Sea of Marmara. I'll definitely come back for sailing!

7. Moda, Kadiköy

8. Ortaköy neighborhood with a mosque behind just next to Bosphorus

9. Pubs in Beşiktaş district

10. Istiklal street, close to Taksim square. You will find here places with hordes of cats.

11. Topkapi Palace

12. Cat watching Bosphorus view in Ulus park

13. Historical Balat neighborhood

Did you like the compilation? Which one is your favourite?

In the city of Istanbul an ordinary "kedi" lives an extraordinary life.

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by @rkalis

They should change the name from Kadıköy to Kediköy