Bitcoin Cash is like buying Google in 2004

2019-04-30T23:37:10.000Z Honest Cash

Why I think BCH will outperform.

Back in 2001 I remember using Google as one of my first search engines; along with Alta Vista, Yahoo, AskJeeves,

I feel like BCH is like Google because it is the easiest to use.

You just scan a QR code and your money is sent across the internet (well actually the UTXO set is updated).

Of course this works with the "original" Bitcoin BTC too. The difference is that you will be paying super high fees due to poor engineering on that chain's side.

It is akin to using to search for something; although you might get to where you want to go, it is a slower method than

And as with search engines I believe money is like a profit seeking search engine for decision making in reality, and ultimately we will all reach consensus and 99.99% of monetary transactions will occur on one coin due to the network effect. Right now it is BTC, in the future BCH has a good chance at being number 1 when fees become too high again, and new users ditch high fee experience for low fee experience. Bitcoin Cash is one of the top contenders for Peer 2 Peer cash (low fees) competing against the likes of Dash, Litecoin, XMR, XRP, Nano.

Right now it is valued at $5 billion vs $90 trillion for global broad money supply ( That is 0.000055 of it's potential. If it ever reaches a potential from Zero to One (Thiel), then I suspect we will not account for goods in dollars, but I will be measuring profit in satoshis. Return of 18,181x, that's a 1.8 million % return. Of course there is a huge risk. I will say maybe it reaches that potential with a 1% chance. That's still 181X weighted. If it only reaches let's say 1 trillion that's a 200x, which is totally possible. I will assign that 4% chance. So 8X weighted.

So let's say 95% chance of failure with moonshot 1% and 4%; aggregate them all and you get $189 weighted for $1 invested. Lol!

Most likely it will land somewhere in the middle. There is still alot of work to be done with parallelisation, and other things, to improve the network and big blocks.

So I recommend you try using all the different cryptos, and let me know which is the easiest to use. (and not run by suing scumbags! i.e. The Bitcoin that shall not be named). Well since you are using you may have a good idea!

But shhh don't tell anyone till I'm done filling my bags! ;)