BCH Is the Real Bitcoin - But It Is Time to Calm Down About It

2019-04-19T10:59:35.000Z Honest Cash

I like Roger Ver and I have no doubt that he is a true and honest supporter of Bitcoin for the right reasons. But his aggressive evangelization is harmful to the BCH community. And many other people follow his example. But there are no reasons to be that aggressive and

We do not know much about Satoshi Nakamoto but it is safe to say that he was a Cypherpunk. A scene of cryptographers that were very skeptical of the state. Especially of the state's inclination to surveil and control the masses. The Cypherpunks built infrastructure that escapes the state's outreach. Bitcoin is such an infrastructure. Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin to liberate us from the state's money. We can deduct this from his comments.

Libertarian Values of Bitcoin

In his first message on Bitcoin's blockchain Nakamoto famously quoted a Times' headline:

"The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks"

A subtle yet striking first message on the blockchain that works as both a timestamp and a justification for the creation of Bitcoin. Why should the state have the power to make us pay for the failure of a private bank? A failure that the state aggravated with the undemocratic creation of fiat money? Bitcoin was designed to be an alternative for this broken system. Many people have forgotten this or never knew it.

Dissenters Forked Off - Time to Calm Down

Bitcoin was not created to store value, it was not created to make you rich. Consequentially, Bitcoin does not need mass adoption, it does not need regulation. Consequentially, there is no need for aggressive evangelization. Its priority is to work as an electronic peer-to-peer cash system. Therefore, what the Bitcoin Cash community really needs is to just stay serene, focused and productive. Right now, Bitcoin Cash is a good prospect of creating/staying the cash system that we wanted.

The ones who never wanted Bitcoin as a medium that supports the idea of Bitcoin as stated above, have already forked off or created their own cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto's second last post on Bitcointalk said this in the context of Wikileaks accepting Bitcoin for donations: 

"It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context.  WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet's nest, and the swarm is headed towards us."

BTC Saves BCH From the Hornet Swarm

It was Nakamoto's last message about Bitcoin on the meta level. Hard to say what happened after 2010 with Bitcoin. If we want to stay in the picture, maybe the swarm has destroyed Bitcoin. Or more likely it even took over Bitcoin. However, the hi-jacked version of Bitcoin maybe created the diversion for Bitcoin as a p2p electronic cash system to grow in silence. This way, Bitcoin Cash can get the attention that it needs in that other context that Nakamoto wished for.


RE: BCH Is the Real Bitcoin - But It Is Time to Calm Down About It

by @Tuventure

Beautiful thoughts make beautiful words!

Likewise, I'm agreeable to what you wrote regarding extreme bull evangelism.

I had once written to Roger about this. He was more willing to have a debate with a Blockstream shill, whose intent was getting him rilled up, than to listen to small grassroots believers who want to keep growing.

He got tricked a few times. Example by S Gault. And another. And one time he did a middle finger online, live, now repeated as an evil meme in YouTube. Again, another bait, and trap. He took it.

More newcomers flock away from these seemingly categorical antics.

But your final point is splendid to say the least. That the current "success" of Bitcoin Blockstream can be the "saviour" red herring to Bitcoin Cash, that the "governments, institutions, institutional money, regulators, speculators" get attracted to unwittingly, while Bitcoin Cash can grow preferably silently from the grassroots. Bottom users.