Which of Eugene Wei’s blog entries is the best?

2019-03-09T23:19:11.000Z Honest Cash

Matthew 吾馬太 posted on Cent that he recently discovered Eugene Wei’s blog and plans to read all the entries. Compare Eugene’s most recent entry… Status as a Service (StaaS)… to his best one… Protecting Heterogeneous Activity.

Eugene’s best entry is about my blog entry, but neither entry is really that great, given that his latest entry doesn’t mention anything about people using their money to define “quality”. In other words, his conclusion in his latest entry isn’t Cent. Or Honest Cash (HC). Or micropayments. Or crowdfunding.

Take a look at this screenshot of Matthew’s post on Cent…

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RE: Which of Eugene Wei’s blog entries is the best?

by @TheOneLaw

His entry Status as a Service is quite interesting:

The article has some quite useful insights into future economic directions.

It will require quite some time before I can render judgment regarding which of his blog entries is 'best', considering which dimension 'best' should apply to.

This led to finding a nugget in your blog that deserves much better treatment:

"…then people have to see "natural rights" as the facade that it truly is."

Perhaps I will find time to describe how the concept of "natural rights" needs to be retired and regarded as a historical 'stepping stone' on the evolution of freedom.