The Greatest Movie Ever?

2019-01-06T03:16:01.000Z Honest Cash

Cain's idea to promote bitcoin cash (BCH), if I'm understanding it correctly, is for there to be a website where people can collaboratively create lists and use their BCH to help rank the items.  This is a really great idea, but it's something that could be easily done here on Honest Cash using two different methods… 

1. replies

2. tags   

The reply method would work as follows.  In this post I'm asking…  which is the greatest movie ever?  In a reply to this post you could share your answer… the ONE movie that you think is the greatest movie of all time.  Before doing so though you'd want to make sure that nobody else has already nominated the same movie.  If somebody else has already nominated the movie that you think is the greatest, then you'd give their reply some BCH.  Naturally we'd want to be able to sort the replies by BCH in order to quickly see the most valuable nominations.  

The tag method would involve people writing a post about the greatest movie ever and tagging it accordingly… #GreatestMovie.  Then we could click on this tag to see all the posts.  And of course we'd want to be able to sort the posts by BCH.  

In order for either method to work we would need to be able to spend any amount of money on our own replies/posts.  But when we did so, the money would go into Honest Cash's wallet.  This would kill two birds with one stone… reveal our valuations and help fund this website.  

What do you think?  Does this make sense?


Chungking Express

by @Xerographica

Chungking Express

This movie, directed and written by Wong Kar-wai, is the greatest movie ever.  Why?  It has an abundance of details and insights, many of which can be easily overlooked the first, and the second, and third time that you watch it, which is why it's the movie that I've watched the most times.  Plus, the cinematography is wonderful… there are so many great scenes.  Here's my very favorite

It's hard to get a good screenshot of this scene because in the foreground there are people rushing around while the cop and the lady are moving slowly.  Not only is this scene visually wonderful, but it is very poignant as well.  She's thinking about him, while he's thinking about a past love.  This scene has so much depth and richness.  Sadly my words can't do it justice.  

I wish that there were a lot more movies like Chungking Express.

Great choice.

by @cain

This is actually one of my all time favorite as well. I remember randomly finding it in a blockbuster video when I was 19 years old and watching it by myself in my apartment while my roommates went to some party. For many years I would watch this whenever I felt a little down and each time I would notice something new just like you mentioned.

So what's your nomination?

by @Xerographica

Ideally if I clicked on your profile I'd be able to see all the posts and replies that you spent your money on.  Then I could sort them by your valuation in order to see which post/reply you value most.  Plus I could filter the results by tag… ie #movies… in order to see which movie you value most.  I could do the same thing with #books #music #recipes #ideas and so on.  

This system would allow me to quickly see all the things that are most important to you.  In theory I might find something really valuable to me that I had been overlooking.  

That's what it basically boils down to for me… using our money to draw each other's attention to the most valuable things.  This would minimize the chances that we overlook the most valuable things.  

I look forward to seeing which movie you nominate for the greatest movie ever.

Greatest movie ever?

by @cain

That's a tough one. I don't know. I don't know if this is greatest ever or even my favorite, but I'll say Children of Men just to say something.

As for using our money to draw attention to valuable things, I agree, but I also think there has to be a reward mechanism to incentivize people to nominate and vote for their favorites.

Sorting Replies By Value

by @Xerographica

I saw Children of Men a while ago, not sure how much I liked it.  Maybe the Clive Owen movie that I liked the most is Inside Man.  

It would be great if you could reply to my original post with your nomination.  That way it will be easy for others to see and spend on.  

"I also think there has to be a reward mechanism to incentivize people to nominate and vote for their favorites."

Part of the issue is that we can't currently see replies sorted by value.  When we are able to see this then the incentive to spend your money on a reply will be to improve its ranking.  The higher ranked a reply is the more people that will see it.

Focal point for ranked lists

by @adrianbarwicki

In game theory, there is something called Focal point or a Schelling Point.

Game theorist Thomas Schelling developed the concept of Schelling as a solution that people tend to coordinate their behaviour in the absence of communication because it seems natural or relevant to them. Schelling illustrated the concept with the following example: “Tomorrow you have to meet a stranger in NYC. Where and when do you meet him?”. While any place and time in the city could be a solution, the most common answer is ”noon at the information booth at Grand Central Terminal”. There is nothing that makes noon at Grand Central Terminal a location with a higher payoff (any other place and time would be good, provided that both agents coordinate there), but its tradition as a meeting place makes it a natural focal point. Schelling points typically arise when communication is impossible, but also when, while communication is possible, no party can provide the other with a reason to believe that what he says is true. Based on the concept of Schelling Points, we can propose an upvote system that assumes that people will upvote good content because they will assume that others will follow by the same principle in an absence of communication. Same with lists, people will vote on objectively best movies because they will think that other people will follow the same principle.