So what's your nomination?

2019-01-06T20:11:18.000Z Honest Cash
Response to "Great choice." by cain

Ideally if I clicked on your profile I'd be able to see all the posts and replies that you spent your money on.  Then I could sort them by your valuation in order to see which post/reply you value most.  Plus I could filter the results by tag… ie #movies… in order to see which movie you value most.  I could do the same thing with #books #music #recipes #ideas and so on.  

This system would allow me to quickly see all the things that are most important to you.  In theory I might find something really valuable to me that I had been overlooking.  

That's what it basically boils down to for me… using our money to draw each other's attention to the most valuable things.  This would minimize the chances that we overlook the most valuable things.  

I look forward to seeing which movie you nominate for the greatest movie ever.