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2019-01-19T02:34:43.000Z Honest Cash

My first post there: Economics > Pot


On Honest Cash (HC) I follow AnarchoVegan, which is how I learned about this website. He posted about how he was chastised here for posting off-topic content.

The premise of this website, #Smoke, is that #voting is a good way to regulate content. But what if this premise is really terrible?

#Democracy is the reason why pot is still mostly #illegal in the US. It's tyranny of the lowest common denominator.

What would happen if voting was replaced with spending? This is the question that HC is trying to answer.

On HC the content is regulated by people spending their own money. HC is a #market while Smoke is a democracy.

A good #supply of pot depends on a good #economic system. But this is just as true for topics. A good supply of topics depends on a good economic system.

The fact is, democracy is not a good economic system for topics. Democracy isn't a good economic system for anything. Voting really doesn't reveal demand, and if demand isn't known, it's guaranteed the the supply will be very wrong.

Of course there's a chance that I might be crazy. But maybe I'm not. If you truly care about a good supply of pot or topics, then I highly suggest that you give HC a try. See what it's like to use your money to define #treasure. You already do this for pot. Give it a try for topics as well.

[update] Oh yeah, everybody likes options, here's another market website… Cent.