Market Governance

2019-03-16T16:53:38.000Z Honest Cash

This is my reply to D4D's story… How communism found a way back to the world


We are biased toward the democratic/republican side of the spectrum. That’s what we’re used to from civics classes. But the truth is that startups and founders lean toward the dictatorial side because that structure works better for startups. It is more tyrant than mob because it should be. In some sense, startups can’t be democracies because none are. None are because it doesn’t work. If you try to submit everything to voting processes when you’re trying to do something new, you end up with bad, lowest common denominator type results. — Peter Thiel, Girard in Silicon Valley

What is Honest Cash (HC)? It's not a democracy… we don't all vote on whether the currency should be BCH, BSV or ETH. HC is a dictatorship… it's top down control, the power is centralized.

What's the difference between dictatorships and communism/socialism? If HC was a socialist system, how would the currency be decided? Would a committee make the decision?

Governance is governance whether we're talking about a startup or a country. My belief is that the best governance is market governance. The market should decide HC's currency. Let the decision be made with donations, just like the Libertarian Party is using donations to decide its convention theme.

In order to eradicate socialism, all you need to do is help everybody understand that the market works better than top-down systems. This essential education can easily be supplied by the marketization of HC's governance.