Introducing Scott H. Young To MSWs

2019-01-27T21:11:18.000Z Honest Cash

On Twitter my friend shared an article by Scott H. Young… Haters Are Good: Why You Need Your Critics.  Here's my reply… 


"You want to live in a world of work, ideas and performance where your efforts are valued appropriately."

"…I didn’t have the money or connections to hire qualified graders, so the best I could do was mark them myself and upload them so others could see/evaluate."

Right now I'm helping to test a couple websites where members can use their money to "grade" each other's work/ideas. On one website a member brought up the idea of being able to use their money to give a bad grade. In terms of Reddit this would be the equivalent of a "downvote". In my response… Push Down Trash Or Pull Up Treasure… I made the case that "downvoting" might not be really necessary, given that you could "upvote" an argument against something.

My case against "downvoting" came to mind when I read what you said about the benefit of people shorting stocks. You made a good argument, but I'm not sure if it fully applies to "downvoting". But maybe it does?

A few years ago, in the NY Times, Carey Morewedge made the case that people should bet against their preferred candidate. I'm guessing that few Clinton fans bet against her. Initially I wrote "betted" and wondered why it had a red underline. Heh.

If I am standing quietly, without making any movement, then (according to the physiologists) my muscles are constantly at work, contracting and relaxing in an almost random fashion, but controlled, without my being aware of it, by error-elimination so that every little deviation from my posture is almost at once corrected. So I am kept standing, quietly, by more or less the same method by which an automatic pilot keeps an aircraft steadily on its course.— Karl Popper, Of Clouds and Clocks

We use money to grade work, but we don't use it to grade homework. It's as if homework isn't "real" work. My guess is that eventually students will upload all their homework to sites like Honest Cash and Cent where it will be "graded" with money. I wish that I could effectively articulate the benefit of all the energy, creativity and intelligence of each and every student being channeled into making the world a better place.

Just now on Twitter I used voting to give this work of yours a good grade. Errr… by this I mean that I retweeted and liked my friend's tweet about this article of yours. But I'm pretty sure that spending money is a much better feedback mechanism. So I'd highly recommend sharing your work on Honest Cash and/or Cent! If you think that this is a bad idea, I'm all ears.


"I am nourished by your hatred!

Anybody else love Rafi?  

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