Introducing Libertarians To HC And Cent

2019-02-24T23:35:57.000Z Honest Cash

My post in the Ron Paul Forums… Strike The Root!!!!


The root of the problem is the widespread belief that markets aren’t truly necessary.

For example I’ve argued that, all else being equal, Netflix subscribers should have the freedom to spend their subscription dollars on their favorite content. Most people respond that this freedom isn’t necessary. They perceive that Netflix already knows its subscribers’ preferences thanks to… views/votes.

Is democracy truly more effective than markets at revealing what we truly want?

Reddit uses voting to rank content, and so does Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google. Except there’s no way that voting and spending can be equally effective at ranking things.

Thanks to crypto, now there are sites that use money to rank content…

Honest Cash


Personally I prefer HC because…

  • all the content can be sorted by value
  • a post can have multiple tags
  • each reply is its own post (like on Medium)
  • when the people you follow spend their money on posts, they appear in your feed
  • no need to setup a wallet (don’t have to add MetaMask to Chrome browser)

The biggest drawback with both sites is that you can’t (yet) spend money on your own posts, which means that the rankings aren’t as accurate as they could, and should, be. But at least you have the freedom to spend your money on other’s people’s posts.

Here’s a list of some of the websites that promote markets…

Not a single one practices what it preaches. Not a single one is a marketplace of ideas. Not a single one leads by example. Not a single one strikes the root.

The market is the most useful tool ever invented because we can use it to effectively educate each other about the usefulness of things. How useful are avocados to you? In a market you answer this question with your money. How useful are computers to you? In a market you answer this question with your money. Yet, despite the fact that the market is the most useful tool, it isn’t being used by any of the biggest pro-market organizations, which is why the liberty movement isn’t making any progress.

Fortunately for humanity, we now have HC and Cent. You should join them! Spend your money to elevate the most useful ideas!! Strike the root!!!



RE: Introducing Libertarians To HC And Cent

by @greenagorist

I actually hadn't heard of Cent prior to this, but I may hop on there as well. I liked the idea that I was getting a very direct market-based income, while not having to pay-to-play or use a third party in some manner. Thanks for letting me know that there's more like this one!

RE: RE: Introducing Libertarians To HC And Cent

by @Xerographica

You're welcome! It's good to have options, so if you post on Cent be sure to mention that you learned about it on Honest Cash.

One problem with Cent is that it suffers from amnesia. My older posts rarely ever get any replies or money. Out of sight, out of mind.

This is less of a problem on Honest Cash. Each post can have multiple tags and when you click on a tag, the posts are sorted by value. The most valuable posts are usually older posts.

The biggest problem with both sites is that we don't have the freedom to spend money on our own posts.

There's a brand new site called Utilo and the founder seems open to the idea of market governance. For example, he might use donations to decide his website's currency. Right now the Libertarian Party is using donations to decide its convention theme.

RE: Introducing Libertarians To HC And Cent

by @dreadk

But in Honest the people are more apatic than in Cent because? also Cent gives more incentives from many points of view and people always get profits, besides Metamask, configured to Cent is extremely simple I see no greater complication, I have made 4 publications and I have only received incentive in one that was the first, and I have seen very little interaction in Honest, I do not know if it is because it is

RE: RE: Introducing Libertarians To HC And Cent

by @Xerographica

HC is a lot newer and smaller than Cent. Cent started a couple years ago while HC only started a few months ago.

Regarding interaction, it appears that my story is the very first one that you have replied to. Interaction depends on initiation.

If you want to dance, then you can stand there and hope that somebody will ask you to dance, or you can ask somebody if they would like to dance.

On Medium I have asked lots of people if they would like to dance (for example). Most don't respond. Maybe it's my fault, or maybe it's Medium's fault. Medium is a democracy.

I really don't like democracy. It isn't as effective as a market at revealing people's preferences. All else being equal, a larger market is better than a smaller one…

"Or consider Sixto Rodriguez, the subject of the documentary movie Searching for Sugar Man. Rodriguez recorded two-and-a-half albums from 1970 to 1975, which were commercial flops. But he was a huge success in South Africa, and his music became the battle hymn of the anti-Apartheid movement. And – amazingly – he was unaware of his fame and influence." - David Vandivier, Rock and Roll, Economics, and Rebuilding the Middle Class

Right now Cent is a larger market than HC, but all else is not equal. On HC we can sort posts by value and hopefully we will be able to spend money on our own posts.