Honest Cash's #1 Priority?

2019-01-10T02:01:30.000Z Honest Cash

Honest Cash's #1 priority should be to determine our priorities for this site. This depends on us being able to spend our money on our own posts (stories/responses). The money obviously wouldn't go into our wallets, it would go into HC's wallet.

Two big birds would be killed with one stone…

1. We would reveal just how important our ideas are to us.

2. We would help fund this website.

Let's consider an example. Here are all the stories about HC…


They are sorted by value. This is really wonderful! It's incredibly useful to be able to easily find the most valuable stories about HC.

The thing is, it isn't really all the relevant posts. What's missing are all the responses! Here on HC each response is actually its own story, so I'd love to easily see all the responses that have the #HonestCash tag.

Let's say that I create a story requesting to also see the relevant responses when I click on a tag. Does it matter how important this idea is to me? Yes!!! Definitely! This is why I should be able to spend my money on my request. The money would go into HC's wallet and my idea would move higher on the "to do" list.

To be clear, HC wouldn't be forced to adhere to the "to do" list. The point is for HC to know what our priorities are.

Will HC agree with our priorities? Perhaps not entirely, but the subsequent discussion/debate will be mutually informative and so it will naturally improve everyone's priorities.

Also, if you're a musician and have 500 posts of your music, I'm going to want to be able to quickly find your posts/songs that are most valuable to you. Same thing if you're a photographer with 5000 posts of your photos.

Internet 2.0 made it really easy for everybody to post content. As a result, there's a lot of content, which is why Internet 3.0 will be all about quickly finding the most valuable content. This naturally depends on everyone revealing their valuations. Welcome to Internet 3.0! Welcome to HC!

Concerns? Questions?

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RE: Honest Cash's #1 Priority? - Sorting Comments

by @ridedonkeys

So we can't currently sort through comments in addition to posts? Maybe that would be simple to change, and not a bad feature to add at some point in the future?

Sorting Comments

by @Xerographica