Chungking Express

2019-01-06T18:38:49.000Z Honest Cash
Response to "The Greatest Movie Ever?" by Xerographica

Chungking Express

This movie, directed and written by Wong Kar-wai, is the greatest movie ever.  Why?  It has an abundance of details and insights, many of which can be easily overlooked the first, and the second, and third time that you watch it, which is why it's the movie that I've watched the most times.  Plus, the cinematography is wonderful… there are so many great scenes.  Here's my very favorite

It's hard to get a good screenshot of this scene because in the foreground there are people rushing around while the cop and the lady are moving slowly.  Not only is this scene visually wonderful, but it is very poignant as well.  She's thinking about him, while he's thinking about a past love.  This scene has so much depth and richness.  Sadly my words can't do it justice.  

I wish that there were a lot more movies like Chungking Express.