The confusion surrounding BTC SV, BTC Core, and BCH (Bitcoin Cash). My opinion.

2019-06-04T06:32:52.000Z Honest Cash

People say BTC SV is the first variant of Bitcoin. One user here proves them wrong, and he was just one dude! And I was on board with his dispute!

To be short, the small confusion is: if these three 9cryprocurrencies have the name Bitcoin, are they all powered in a big network or lots of it? I think there are more networks that support variants of it.

The big confusion is only between BTC SV and BTC Core, or as I like to call: "The war on who was born first". I swear, I saw Bitcoin first before BSV! I even searched it up and I saw nothing back then! Or maybe that's just my search engine acting up.

That's it. Thanks for reading.