RE: Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

2019-05-09T13:18:03.000Z Honest Cash
Response to "Earning Money On Honest Cash: Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits" by honest_cash

There's some vital privacy option missing.

Perhaps each writer can tick a checkbox if they want others to see how much each post earns?

Optionally let voters vote anonymously, they can have the option to show to public or only to the author.

It is psychology, when a dollar value is ascribed beside a post, the human eye tends to move towards the figure. Especially when the figure is rising, the figure is high. You can still let total count of "Likes" displayed prominently to attract more eyeballs, but give the option for privacy especially matters relating to money and earning money, tips and similar notion.

**Take a look at Steemit, tons of people posting or seeking up votes to try increase their income, attracting even more dubious users to copy. Some author even outright try to buy votes to increase the user's clout.


RE: RE: Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

by @jennylin

I think Adrien mentioned all transactions should be visible for transparency but I think this will be worth bringing up again in the next product meeting.