OP_RETURN maybe?

2018-11-25T23:48:19.000Z Honest Cash

My first post on honest cash, so what do I want to write?  I've written a lot of articles on "previous" BCH blog sites, and posted artwork in my attempts, or progress of learning Blender 3d modeling/animation software.  So I will continue that same blogging model, by posting what I'm working on today.

I've been doing lots of self teaching on how to make 3rd party APPs that use Bitcoin Cash. Today I'm attempting to teach myself how to set up a socket using Bitbox and simply read the op_return data from the transactions as they "stream" to the blockchain.  As most coders will know a large percent of coding is figuring out what you are doing wrong? I was easily able to make a connection, and even figured out I had to parse the data into a readable state, then even figure hot to pull out specific data. Then I was getting annoyed at trying to figure out how to decode that data(make it human readable). I ended up checking my e-mail and found out a got an early invite to honest.cash. So now I'm here telling you all about it - pretty anti climactic - you may never know if I'm able to "figure it out."  Just remember coders never GIVE UP.