The Real Satoshi?

2019-05-15T01:53:07.000Z Honest Cash

As crypto hits the market and spreads throughout the country, crossing oceans, and overcoming our global economy we wonder, and still crave to know who Satoshi is. The question is, does it matter? Would you believe the truth if it was right in front of you?

Was Satoshi created by the NSA and CIA? What if I told you Satoshi was a girl? What if Satoshi was born in the 1920s? What if Satoshi’s father was one of the richest men in the world? What if Satoshi grew up in America and not in China? What if Satoshi was one of America’s greatest spies of the 1940s, who went overseas and seduced their way behind enemy lines? What if Satoshi was an Australian Princess?

What if Satoshi was kin to the Queen of England? Maybe Satoshi was an Oil Tycoon. Was Satoshi the owner of the railroad? The grandchild of Alexander Graham Bell? Owner of IBM? Coder for Google? An IT student at MIT? America’s largest land owner? Inventor of medical equipment? Maybe just an accountant at a clothing store? What if Satoshi was one of the first women that could code? What if that Satoshi helped bring down the world’s toughest mafia king pins like Al Capone, Baby Face, and Gallo? What if Satoshi came from a great line of American war heroes and knows secrets we do not? Would we beleive

those secrets? What is Satoshi’s family had bailed out our banking system three times and has had enough? What if Satoshi is a conspiracy theorist? What if Satoshi was a farm owner in a small forgotten town? What if she was the elderly lady who brought homemade fudge to church? Maybe Satoshi is the elderly person your grandfather plays bridge with at the nursing home? Maybe Satoshi’s child deemed them crazy so they could steal her fortune? Maybe it’s a group of techies, financial advisors, lawyers, war veterans, republicans, democrats, business owners foreign and domestic that our predicting history will repeat itself? Is Satoshi your neighbor? Maybe Satoshi is your best friend? What if you find out it’s your worst enemy? Maybe Satoshi is the parent of your children? Could Satoshi be your spouse, or what about Grandma? Is it me? Hmm maybe it is you? Maybe in 2013, Satoshi did not walk away. Maybe Satoshi passed away? Maybe Satoshi passed it on to someone who understood its importance? Is that why the odd movement of cold wallets? Did Satoshi create crypto to decentralize? Was it created to save and educate the people? Was it created to give the people

enough power to fight a battle should our government need over thrown? Was it created to help the less fortunate? To provide protection from the banks collapsing again? To protect all people foreign and domestic, from suffering the banks’ unethical greedy ways, and watch the rich get richer? Is greed and arrogance stopping the plan to save the world slowing it down? Resistance of people meant to protect it, hurting it? I believe the plan was to decentralize. Put our money in our hands, without the greed of others risking losing our hard-earned cash without our say.

So how important is it we know who Satoshi Is? Is it important enough to risk the welfare of our future generations? Do we have to know so bad we will risk another depression? Do we need to know more than medical advances need to save cancer? Do you need to know where your money is????

How important is it we know who Satoshi is?

If we unite as a whole, the being of Satoshi is not significant, but that a fellow human has our best interest at heart for our future is. Then maybe it is an example we should follow to secure our future, the future of our children and their children, to have, and protect for our heirs and their heirs to come by any means forever.