The Art of the Deal…

2019-04-26T20:49:01.000Z Honest Cash

'If you don't Purse, do you even Crypto?"

This is (for some strange reason) the best kept secret in Crypto. PurseIO is a service that allows you to use Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash to purchase ANYTHING on Amazon for a significant discount, 15 - 30% off.

The writer of this article has been using PurseIO since 2016.

If you have Coinbase, then you can use the same sign in credentials at PurseIO and you are all good.

If you don't have Coinbase, use this link to sign up and get $10 bonus.

Here is a perfect example below:

Apple Watch for 29% off. Purse gets a littel $15.79, about 5.8% of the spending total.

Here is another:

Pair of Vans for 32% discount!!! There are a couple of tricks to doing this.

The more ubiquitous the item, the faster it can be shipped and that is attractive to the people who buy your itmes in exchange for your bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

If an item can be delivered next day, or even electronically, PUSH the discount in the "Name your discount" sectiuon of the check out to above 30% and see what happens.

If you are desperate for something and need it picked up immediately, a 15% discount will certainly to the trick.

I had some trouble getting a deep discount on the last drone I purchased, and had to wait a while for it to be picked up, being that it cost $1k. So I got a 20% discount. FINE WITH ME!

If you buy your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash directly from Coinbase, they are going to charge you a 2% fee. However, just wait a couple hours and that 2% will likely go the other direction, but anyway, if it doesn't, using PurseIO is the best way to FOMO cash out for a win EVERY TIME!!!

Using the Coinbase link to sign up is going to be worth $10 and using this PurseIO will net you $5, like you needed any more reasons….