Get paid for services, or products becomes profitable.

2018-12-26T23:03:09.000Z Honest Cash

Bitcoin has impressed everyone with a price increase of up to $ 20,000, but has scared with its volatility, and therefore some people believe that it is dangerous and not profitable to accept payment for cryptocurrency. However, this is a misconception. The digital asset market is moving to a new stage of development. Tiny Altcoins went bankrupt, clearing the crypto industry from scam ICO projects. Liquid digital currencies like Bitcoin, by contrast, are becoming an important means of payment and assets in demand.

BTC will start trading at Nasdaq, one of the most reputable sites on Wall Street. The largest international bank Goldman Sachs is going to invest in it. Moreover, Bitcoin will soon begin to be regulated by the SEC, which will allow it to become legitimate and save you from any manipulations.

Cryptocurrency becomes relevant not only for traders and investors, but also for online stores. Firstly, transactions are anonymous and tax-exempt. Secondly, digital coins can be sent to anywhere in the world with a minimum commission that is ten times lower than in a bank transfer. And, thirdly, the rate of the most liquid assets has stabilized and is showing steady growth.