Put Your Head Down And Get That Crypto (Original song and music video by Numberofthings)

2019-04-22T20:45:12.000Z Honest Cash


Brand new dapp heart attack stacking divs like Santa’s sack fat ICO watch it grow now i can afford my cheerios moon fantasies private keys hash values merkle trees rootstock zsnarks don’t forget your private seed hot wallet cold wallet call me while its hot before it drops like bitcoin in 2018 we got greed vs fear bitconnect cant we connect and not wreck each other like we're lacking respect copy paste launch date try and keep a straight face reinvest ROI do your best to be on time lost an ETH to gas fees tryin to fight the SEC this Dapp was a catastrophe blockchain got the best of me xrp, ltc, bat, identity, amenities for enemies and frenemies in front of me exception thrown in code bait Ethereum blockchain make me wait pump and dump these stupid chumps i like my divs in big fat clumps put your head down and get that crypto fomo'd in 10,000 tron refresh the page and its all gone trevon james'll change his name craig grant holy rant crypto clover steamrolla batman another scam youtubers screwtoobers preaching all to newtoobers reinvest my divs again hang myself and went all in hanging with the OG's only Og's hold their private keys Donald trump he holds a key Russia is the enemy Hilary Clintons lost email with blockchain tech would not have failed the truth is hidden in the code this chain of blocks cannot erode the value of true sovereignty soon youll see blockchain set us free we got weak peaks and wiki leaks petite Saigon julian just sun scam on tron playin up vitalik buterin bears vs bulls is a bunch of bull we know bitcoins infallible john mcaffee is just like me one million dollar BTC by 2020 they will see Americas debt has to go you know what lets pay it off with crypto