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by @cain

Have you tried using badgerwallet? I think it's a fork of metamask, but I'm curious if it works the exact same way. Is metamask basically a wallet built into the browser so you can pay ether directly from the extension to a website? Is there anything else it can do? You said it allows you to "interact" with smart contracts so I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. Thanks.

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by @Numberofthings

Yes that's correct, Badger wallet is a fork of Metmask but Badger is for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and also stores Bitcoin Cash Tokens. The Honest Cash creators had a contest for Honest Cash users a while ago and distrubted 1000 HCT tokens to the winners! Those HCT tokens are stored in Badgwer wallet. 

Similar to how Metamask stores Ethereum ERC20 tokens. Interacting with smart contracts or Dapps (decentralized) applications is one of the main uses of Metamask and soon also Badger Wallet. "Interacting" with smart contracts usually means buying and selling tokens on an exchange, playing a game or interacting with an application of some kind through the API of the wallet extension in order to utilize blockchain services through the web.

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by @cain

Got it. I look forward to "interacting" with the BCH blockchain using badger wallet in the future.