Everyday Ordinary (original music) PUNK

2019-02-05T04:43:56.000Z Honest Cash


RE: Everyday Ordinary (original music) PUNK

by @Numberofthings

I never said I had a problem with authority 

 You never asked me how I felt you didn't see 

That the bigger picture will always be

 An elusive thread that escapes your ability to 

 See right through it 

they illustrate it Don't take away what they designated

 You'll never stop it but it's your fate to change it

 Rearrange it the principle shape of reality

 Who's to say anything? Don't believe what they say 

 Reaping what you sow will never get you what you need

 The world runs on an ancient energy

 Lonely interpretation of unarmed certainties 

Praying for delivering you're down on your knees

 At determent to your own heart you take the space that it creates

 The spiral unwinds from the start keep the pace 

 Retrace the art the old the new better days renewed

 Brazen and abused with bitter hate 

 Replay the synergy of fusion between these feet

 An every day ordinary truth 

Don't take it for face value nothing is what it seems 

Your opinion doesn't matter this is all a dream 

Rescue me from the dreads of these realities 

Don't loose your grip you'll start to slip and give them what they need to