Video games and Programming development

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Videos could become one of the most used electronic devices of our time, as video games have evolved over the past few years. The video game industry has become more versatile and focused on mature audiences. This has mostly been because of the fast-changing society and ways humans can adapt to the circumstances.     

Making a great video game requires enough knowledge in programming or coding in order to create the desired game. Some people see video games as political with developers of video games acknowledging the political significance in the creation process. A game can become biased even when its designers intend on it being impartial to the public. With conservative, patriarchal and imperialist values in its narrative such as dominion, empire and conquering forces. 

Today, there are a lot of games that communicate progressive values in its content, but in order for video games to continue evolving, we must reimagine what it could look like. 

The video game; The Division, for example, is based on a 4000-page script, which covered the dangers of AI and war in a narrative. The value of the video game lays sometimes in support of minority groups and oppressed groups. Some cultural critics point out that games tend to support militarist or conservative values on the vocal side of the gamer community. There are claims in the community that video games are being framed as leftwing ideology through the features of marginalized characters. 

In other video's like Wolfenstein, the game might be about killing Nazis, but it ends up giving birth to the first-person-shooter genre. 

According to the gaming industry producers: 

"The Role of violence in storytelling is as old as human history, and it has long served a purpose in conveying values of honesty, courage, confidence, and perseverance."

The Video game industry is growing in popularity

Some of the most popular video games in history have been on a global scale with massive hits like Wii sports, the Sims, Super Mario Brothers, and Pok√®mon. One of the biggest differences between video games and most movies or books is that video games give you a sense of control while at the same time giving you choices. 

The reason why violence exists in a video game is because it simulates the real world we live in. Games along with its interactivity sequences have been providing us with some useful new ways of exploring ancient themes. 

The community thinks more research is needed into the gaming world's uniqueness and its potential to influence our society.