An Ode To You, Bitcoin Cash Supporters, Heroically Growing The Peer To Peer Cash For The World Movement. Huge Massive Respects!

2019-02-23T07:40:29.000Z Honest Cash

I have been reflecting a lot about the peer to peer money for the world movement. One thing that really strikes out to me is that many of these heroes are mostly ordinary folks, doing extraordinary things above and beyond, changing the world one step at a time. As the saying goes, extraordinary people are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And this article is dedicated to each and every single one of you, whose names I may not know, but whose purpose binds us together.

Life is short and I think it is not so much what you have in life, but what you left behind in life that impacts others in a positive way, is more valuable and everlasting. In some religions, this is what is known as enlightenment. In fact, you probably won’t recall as much the millionaires of the past century but you might know the names of people like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, etc. They may be gone but their legacy lives on forever. And I think that is true of your work in some ways. For that, you have my respect.

For the folks working in the background pushing adoption and growing the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, I am sure that I am not the only one who has been privately inspired by your actions, so please keep up the good work. Know that revolutionary movements that are worth doing seldom comes easy, but just like Martin Luther King, it has to start with someone with a dream. And this article is dedicated to you, whose dreams may be the same as mine, a world where ordinary people are in control of their own financial sovereignty, with freedom and liberty, where wars are a thing of the past (because governments can no longer fund wars through printing money), where corrupted governments no longer suppress their citizens like what they did in Venezuela, where the world is so much better off for billions of born and unborn children.

This article is an ode to you, Bitcoin Cash supporters, because you inspires me. Thanks for making a difference and thanks for doing what you are doing, even if your efforts may at times been overlooked and underappreciated. This is my ode to you.