Maidsafe - some thoughts

2019-04-07T00:33:04.000Z Honest Cash

I'd encourage you all to take a look at the maidsafe coin as well as the network they are building. The SAFE Network.


This tech is one of the reason I believe in decentralization and the new web. As I consider the present and the future and what it might look like giving people voices in places and ways that have not had them brings purpose and focus to the development of WEB3.0

The SAFE networks goals are to create a network that runs itself and is distributed in a way that keeps censorship and being shutdown off the table.


One area of interest I'd think for the Centians is the privacy aspect as I have seen many posts about these concerns on this site. The data transfered will be encrypted automatically and will be split in small pieces or packets across many locations. So that access and tracing become near impossible.

One of the unique things about this project is it is not a blockchain. The SAFE browser acts as your secure gateway. No third parties involved, ANYONE can open an account.

The browser is in alpha at this point and the network is just getting off the ground but I would be interested to hear from you Centians what you think of this project?