Crypto as an economic and social equalizer

2019-04-07T00:28:51.000Z Honest Cash

The stories are everywhere. The reality is harsh and hard to intake.

Seeing the realities of governments overstepping and crippling their people rather than enabling them.

We have some good friends who have relatives who still live in a country that is hostile at times to it's citizens and has had some uprising over these last 8-10 months. Talking with them about the concerns over the safety of their family and how hard it is in these times for them to even get basic essentials such as food and household needs.

The danger is real, just going to the store can paint a target on you as someone who has "money" and might draw attention from the wrong people. The difficulty in these countries and times create turmoil and unrest, jobs are lost and providing for your family becomes almost impossible…at least legally.

Talking with our friends and discussing them trying to send money to the family to help them as their jobs became difficult to keep and provisions were more and more out of reach. The hard part was that they had to use banks to transfer the funds and their family had to go to a bank to get it. Which as you can imagine paints an even bigger target on your back.

All while hearing them share these things all I could think about was what a freeing role crypto could play in these tumultuous and scary situations so many find themselves in on a DAILY basis. If both have wallets and there are merchants who accept it. The opportunity is REAL for someone to have currency and exchange value for real goods without the added costs and dangers of banks…man this is what makes crypto exciting to me.

This is the use case that makes sense and brings what I think can only be described as social and economic freedom. This is also the power behind something like Cent. The opportunity for someone with a device, ideas, creativity and internet to make income in-spite of the control of oppressive governments is special.

CHEERS to all the developers pushing forward in this space that can and will make some enormous social and economic impact in the course of time!