The Jester's Carriage

2019-03-21T17:21:50.000Z Honest Cash

This was a commission for a client who wanted a Jester dressed in black & white while driving a carriage. He gave me some images files for inspiration and the only indication that the horse on the right of the driver had to be black.

So I quickly made a collage with reference material and drew over some lines sketching the whole composition to be later drawn with Adobe Illustrator, once in illustrator the rest of the job was mainly mechanical job…a few moments ago I sent the file to the client and he seemed happy with the results! :D


Technical Info: Digital Media

Created in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

Took me almost a day to make this one


Bellow a GIF image showing creation process

Creative Commons - @melooo182

What are your critiques and comments?

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Thanks for your time peeps!

I hope you liked my artwork and my post!


Cheers Everyone ??