The Girl & Llama | Mini Contest: make a short story

2019-03-26T17:18:50.000Z Honest Cash

A little Sketch I did today for practising watercolours, I was inspired by another illustration of unknown author I was shown by someone looking for an illustrator for his book…however since he never replied back I guess he didn't like my sketch.


Anyway I took this as a way to practice and improve, as well to challenge myself in speed ?


As a way to make this more entertaining, can you make a story for this girl?

I'll give an upvote to the winner!! ?? (I know is not much but is what I can offer at the moment)


Technical Info:

Traditional Media on Small Sketchbook.

Created with Mechanical Pencil, Inkpen, and Watercolour

Edited colours with Photoshop CC 2015

Took me around an hour to complete


Creation process GIF showing inspiration image in 1st frame


Creative Commons - @melooo182