Romanian Beauty

2019-02-09T03:32:41.000Z Honest Cash

This is a portrait I did back in 2016, I was working as virtual assistant for some room rental business in London, and part of my job was searching for possible clients on websites such a etc.

Well since I was looking at tons of profile pics daily, I decided I would make something fun and artsy with all those beautiful women profile pics I stumbled upon while working…and thus started making a collection for drawing portraits later in my free time.

I will be posting more of them in following entries ?


Oh here a little poem I wrote to go along with the drawing hehe

A white canvas for us is tonight
black pearls on the horizon shall rise
the stars of our minds shall ignite
for my heart got caught by those eyes.


Technical Info:

Traditional Media

Draw in a A5 sized sketchbook using 2H, HB and 2B pencils

Full Resolution 1500x1500px at 72dpi

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