"Ra's Sun God Ascension" WIP digital painting

2019-02-04T16:43:27.000Z Honest Cash


This is a digital paint I started a while ago but as often happens it got staled in that WIP limbo, I unearthed it yesterday to continue working on it and to my surprise it looked better than what I remembered it LOL…

To continue sharing more what's behind the image, well I started this some days after listening Frank Herbert's Dune Audiobook and days of listening to some desert psychedelic music…I felt like an impulse to make some Mystic-Esoteric Desert themed art….and well this was the result…hehe


Technical Info:
Digital Media
Created in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
Cannot remember how many hours I've dedicated to this but it's sure a lot


.Clicking on the image should take you to a non distorted version, apparently aspect ration was shrunk sideways to fit honest.cash post…





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