I offer my services as Illustrator…Anyone Interested?

2019-03-05T14:19:51.000Z Honest Cash

Hello people from Honest.Cash!!!

I started sharing my artworks here on the platform a couple of months ago and someone asked me if I would be interested in illustrating a book for him, haven't heard back from him after I told him my rates hehe, even though I asked him what was his budget to see if there could be a compromise that satisfied both….anyway it occurred to me that maybe I could advertise my services in a post to see if anyone else would be interested in commissioning some custom artworks :D


So if you need an illustration for a product, a festive card, a gift for your loved ones or even for your own enjoyment…just ask me :D

Here a rough price chart:

- For 10$ in BCH I will make a simple Black&White illustration with a single character.

- For 15$ in BCH you get an illustration with flat colours.

- For 25$ in BCH, you get an illustration with colours + shadows & highlights.

- For 50$ in BCH you can get something a lot more elaborated like this:

That last one was commissioned by BCH boys a while ago for using as logo for their podcast.

If my rates seem too high for you, I'm happy to negotiate for something that can work for both of us…so I'll listen to your counteroffers :)

Cheers Everyone, I hope you liked my post!




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