Daydreaming Rosa

2019-01-19T16:53:38.000Z Honest Cash

Hello there!

This is a drawing I did a couple of days ago while hanging out with a drawing group here in Medellín, we met at the First Park of Laureles and there was a building there with one of its facades painted with a giant mural from where I drew inspiration for my drawing…sadly I forgot to take a photo to show it here

Then when I got home I edited the drawing with Photoshop, tweaking colours, cleaned it and added further elements making it more like a proper illustration hehe.

Original drawing before editing:

Here bellow a GIF showing the Photoshop edit process

And the Final result! which I liked a lot! :D

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What are your critiques and comments?
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Thanks for your time peeps!
I hope you liked my artwork and my post!

Cheers Everyone


RE: Daydreaming Rosa

by @ABondGirl2

Thank you for sharing the whole artistic process…It's always fascinating to see behind the scenes.

RE: RE: Daydreaming Rosa

by @Melooo182

My pleasure! :) thanks for the support! <3