??? Cyberpunk Art - Crypto Hack ?

2018-12-31T13:36:52.000Z Honest Cash

Hello there! ?

I present you my most recent Cyberpunk drawing, done with Ink Illustration Pens and Watercolour, It was really fun to make this one. I used as reference again some image I got from the FB Daily Drawing Challenge…I think.

And then started to add my own ideas to it, like that distinctive cyberpunk colours palette, that holographic screen the character is starring at with a Bitcoin logo on it hehe, hexagonal patterned tank top….and a tattoo in her right arm with QR code and circuit pattern.

And the Final result!

Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved

What are your critiques and comments about this drawing, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments bellow ? ?

Thanks for your time peeps! I hope you liked my artwork and my post!

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RE: ??? Cyberpunk Art - Crypto Hack ?

by @bitcoin

Hey glad to see you on here! I was wondering if you can do a comparison on the various platforms you have used? Pros/cons, ease of use, etc. Are you still traveling?

RE: RE: ??? Cyberpunk Art - Crypto Hack ?

by @Melooo182


I have kinda settled temporally at Medellin hehe I like it here.

I suppose you mean social blockchain platforms, well the best one so far has been steem with it various dapps which always refresh it, the one I'm currently using is SteemPeak and nTopaz, that last one is entirely focused on Art, not mention I was invited to be visual art curator for them so I get an extra compesation in steem for that.

The other once I see with great potential is CENT using the ETH blockchain, their webdesign is really smooth and sleek, works like a charm, just wish I could profit better there hehe.

Honest.Cash would be on 3rd place, the UI and site navigation is a bit clunky at times but it's good that there seems to be a good amount of activity and BCH is a good blockchain to make micro transactions.

There rest rather clones of steem, or poorman steem, Yours for a while was nice but the lack of updates and their decision to stick to BSV killed them IMO.

RE: RE: RE: ??? Cyberpunk Art - Crypto Hack ?

by @bitcoin