Satoshi Awards 2020 trailer film production retrospective

2019-02-26T15:46:02.000Z Honest Cash

Hi HonestCashians! Im the guy behind the video for the Satoshi Awards 2020 It was an amazing very exciting project to do together with Emily Rose Dallara and Hoang Khoi Nguyen behind the special effects.
My normal type of work involves working with standards brands, and making commercial films of all kinds for normal traditional businesses and brands ranging from multinationals like Pepsicola to smaller local companies in Vietnam (where Im currently based). I do happen to like cryptocurrencies for a long time already, but just from the perspective of a person who likes computers. As making films is my only skill and craft, Im always looking and studying ways to create cool content for the cryptocurrency world. Wether its event videos, promotional videos for good legit businesses and projects, and more. Ill be happy to get in touch with anybody in the same space, share ideas and more. I will soon post a few behind the scenes material from the production of the Satoshi Awards video. Stay tuned!