I Wish You All a Happy New Year! Now's a Great Time to Earn Back on All You Spent During the Holidays... Discover the Cent Platform!

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Mournful salute and reverence,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greetings to all and again I bid you best wishes for the new year, may you have an abundance of Light, Life, Love and Liberty throughout this, the new year, having merely flowed in upon us all, from the winds of constructive, transformative change that brought them heretofore they reached us, from the deepest confines of infinite possibilities!

You may think: "What is this guy smoking? I'll have what he's having!" after reading the aforementioned preceding comment you now just read. (chuckles) But hold on! Since my essential objectively subjective philosophical contribution (just a little sprinkle, I swear!) has been as savantly served and as skillfully consumed as could be for the circumstances given, then hopefully, it will end up processed and assimilated accordingly, while it yet remains probable, still not impossible, that the task might leave more than one, myself included, as baffled as the next fellow…

… But I digress. Not that discussing philosophical and spiritual rhetorical allegories doesn't have its charm, but to each event, its right locale, to every object, its convenient location and disposition, to each person, its natural time and place, so these things shall come to take place in the proper setting and timing.

Speaking of which, in the meantime, I want to talk about an ***ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN BASED*** decentralized blogging platform named ***CENT***, where content creators, curators and consumers alike (yes, you can make decent money (no pun intended) just by developing a flair for a good story and ***SEEDING*** those posts early), such that you think have the most potential, as you will then, even as you yourself are rewarding the content creator through curation (seeding) , receive a fraction of every other consecutive ***SEED*** other users made following yours once the post's eligibility for seeding expires, thus rewarding the implicated content creators and curators in a chain of what I felt so far was a ***WELL BALANCED REDISTRIBUTION OF THE VALUE CREATED BY THE USERS***, as even the curators get some of their ***SEED*** back, giving fair recognition to all contributions. It might sound a bit complicated, as much as my fancy English presents it, but technical jargon aside, the way it works is actually quite simple:

You can earn on ***CENT***, as already mentioned, either/and/or, by

- creating posts, including ideally your original content, accompanied with appropriate links and quoting the source of any work of reference or research used by the blogger. You can also earn tips as you interact with other users through the comments they leave on your post, as you attract their acclaim and their direct generosity. You can also tip them yourself, to reward their interaction or congratulate a comment you deem pertinent or as adding value to the post.

- commenting on posts and ***their*** comments, sometimes making it in the form of an answer if the post includes a ***bounty*** that requires users to perform a certain task or set of tasks, in order to be allowed to benefit from said bounty reward, after it was ***sorted*** (voted) by the most users possible, inside a delay set for expiration of the post at the inception of the latter, rewarding the victors directly into their ***CENT*** wallet (the platfrom's "smart contract", linked to the Ethereum blockchain, where your coins remain safely, available for trade through that "smart contract" without ever leaving, until the trade has been successfully completed and the order closed or cancelled, out of the hands of any third party, thus demonstrating the decentralized nature of the platform in more than just an exerciase in terminological acrobatics.

So that about wraps it up for now, as I will conclude by telling you that you need to have a metamask wallet setup, the same, or a similar add-on you might use already for other blockchain based dApps, be it on Ethereum or any other "smart contract" oriented platform with dApp deployment capabilities. Just start with their post on ***MEDIUM*** (https://medium.com/cent-official/cent-income-from-anywhere-519515b396d8) if you feel you want to read a bit more before jumping in, otherwise, **FEEL FREE TO JUMP RIGHT IN!!!** , just click the link and see for yourself what the fuss is all about! Now that Ethereum is slowly on the rise, coming back after its monumental melt-down, a few weeks back, and considering **A HARD FORK OF THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN NAMED** ***CONSTANTINOPLE*** is bound to occur, somewhere around the mid to late January, possibly around the 15 or so, according to the CEO of the popular centralized exchange **BINANCE***. At the time of the forking, and the following day, **TWO COMPLETELY NEW COINS** will be airdropped automatically from a snapshot at the time of the forking block, to given ratios and in currency of coins you can research elsewhere. From what I understand, the ***Ethereum Classic*** blockchain would also be involved in one of the forks, another new coin being created, as there are more than one, the effect of all these combined factors ending up irresistibly pulling the price of ETHER upward, to the joy of the speculators and **HODLers**.

These however, do not constitute financial advice, as cryptocurrencies are VERY volatile and you should NOT invest money you cannot afford to lose. DO YOU OWN RESEARCH!

You can join us on CENT by following this link: https://beta.cent.co

See you out there!

Love is the Law, love under will.

The Reverend Maelstrohm Black


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