Use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and the work being done by the Bitcoin Cash community in our country for a true adoption of the currency.

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Hello Community!

According to "Venezuela has been the country most interested in cryptocurrencies in the first months of the year 2018." Our country has been considered for some time one of the largest cryptocurrency operations centers. The aforementioned is due to the economic situation that Venezuela is going through, and that has caused many Venezuelans to find in cryptocurrencies a way to mitigate the crisis we are experiencing, to the point that the transactions carried out in our country triple Brazil and are followed by steps to China, which controls 70% of this market.

As the cryptocurrency is a decentralized monetary system that does not need an intermediary or banking or financial institutions to circulate and that can not be regulated by our government, Venezuelans have seen in virtual currencies a way to protect their savings, and as the value of the crypts is measured in dollars is a very good option to get the body out of the devalued bolívar.

Today, there are dozens of online groups and forums in Venezuela with more than 7,000 members (which continues to grow day by day) with a very dynamic and robust market for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, either in bolivars or dollars. taking advantage of the black market of the dollar that exists in our country, thus generating more profits for the Venezuelan who "works" in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

But … does Venezuela have a real adoption of cryptocurrencies? In my opinion there is no such adoption, because the crypts are seen by most Venezuelans who perform "trading" as an investment tool, buying and selling to obtain a profit in either bolivars or dollars. However, cryptocurrency communities such as Dash have been doing a good job for some time through a series of conferences and exhibitions of entrepreneurs called "Dash City" encouraging Venezuelans and businessmen to use cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. for products or services, managing to involve thousands of merchants in the acceptance of the currency they promote (Dash).

For our part, as Bitcoin Cash Venezuela community together with the Global Community, Bitcoin Cash Association, Tribe Ambassador, CoinSpice, among others, who aim to promote and accelerate the adoption of the BCH, we have been working in Venezuela with events and educational projects (all sponsored and supported by them), not only to carry information about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin Cash, but also so that people and businesses are encouraged to receive BCH as a form of payment, because that is where it is the true adoption, that Venezuelans can use cryptocurrencies not only as a form of investment, savings and buying-selling but as a payment system, that we can go to any trade and buy or pay with Bitcoin Cash.

Therefore, the Bitcoin Cash community has focused its interest on our country, putting all its efforts and financing the project proposals that help achieve its objective "to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash". So far we are several Venezuelan ambassadors working in the following areas: Mérida, Acarigua, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Anzoátegui, Cumana and Nueva Esparta, we need many more people who believe in this project, in Bitcoin Cash and voluntarily want to belong to our BCH Venezuela team and help us promote our currency.

We are at the beginning of a new digital money payment system, where we are real owners of our own money, where there are no intermediaries, or a bank entity that tells us how much money we can withdraw from our bank accounts (Venezuela Case), where we can Having our money really, we can send and receive money from anywhere in the world with almost instantaneous transactions and very low commissions.

So, I encourage the Venezuelans who want to get involved with our team to contact us through DISCORD, where I can be located as Lizbeth Alviarez on channel #Venezuela.

Here I left my other social networks to join and keep informed of our work:




Team Bitcoin Cash VE, at the COCMUN 2018 Barquisimeto event.



RE: Use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and the work being done by the Bitcoin Cash community in our country for a true adoption of the currency.

by @lmcbride

Well if I was in that situation, so would I. I mean, with a heavily restricted flow of money, people can't afford basic things like toilet paper and bread. Because of how worthless venezuelan currency is, I would want t get it out of what ever their currency is called into something like Crypto which has way more value than what the central bank of venezuela could ever dream of.