Ai beats 人工智慧拍 - my first track. Some resources for fellow content makers:

2019-02-27T20:24:09.000Z Honest Cash

Hallo. I make music and I’ve been trying to find websites to get paid directly for content. Found quite a few and it may be useful for you guys too. If you are on any of these, let’s connect or tell me what you use. 

Some crypto platforms:!/@lilsiri

Non crypto platforms to find me or promote yourself:

Also, I just got my new cute little human-readable crypto address from ens: lilsiri.eth so if you use or you can try to give me a tiny tip just for fun :)

If you use dapp and want to tip me with your other favorite coin like bch, bnb or bat you can use this address:

lilsiri.stateofus.eth (btw if you want this kind of short address you can get one too, it's very easy, took me 5 minutes)

But the simplest (and most beneficial for you) way to support me is to just download my favorite free browser here:

It's just fantastic. It helps you earn crypto from your content directly, respects your privacy, blocks ads, consumes less memory and is 3 times faster than safari or chrome.

If you don’t delete it for 30 days (which you won't, cause it's awesome) I'll get 5 bucks in BAT #bravebrowser #bat#basicattention