How to deal with mnemonics mess on

2018-12-03T18:44:59.000Z Honest Cash

Some of you might have problems with loading an old mnemonic to Electron cash.
I'm here to help:
1. If you don't see your funds and you did nothing but you've had some
    1a.write down (copy) a mnemonic

2. Disconnect your wallet

3. Click "Import with recovery key"

4. Enter mnemonic and set the derivation path to obsolete

m/44'/145'/0/0/1' (it can't be imported to Electron Cash)

6. Click "Connect"

5. You'll see private key (WIF). Copy it.

6. In Electron Cach  go "File> New/Restore"

7. Name, Import Bitcoin Cash addresses or private keys

8. Paste Private Key

9. Disconnect a wallet in and create a new one with the proper derivation path (non obsolete)

10. Deposit funds in the new wallet on

You may now import new wallet mnemonic (m/44'/0'/0'/) to Electron Cash and withdraw funds whenever you want.