Bitfinex is facing a severe outage.

2019-02-09T09:32:41.000Z Honest Cash

Around 7:45 AM UTC [

]( became unreachable for all of their customers. 

30 minutes later the official twitter account send out a tweet.

And two more tweets.

The website now just shows a status page:

This is not the first time that an exchange does down during a massive move of the market. Litecoin lead the way for the entire market to move up 10 - 30% with Litecoin doing 30% in 24 hours. More than 2 million LTC have been traded in the last 10 hours. A quick looks shows us that's it's mainly Tether being used to buy BTC and BTC to buy LTC. When it comes to direct fiat to crypto, XRP is still seeing a lot of trades between it and the Japanese Yen.

Bitcoin Cash is one of few coins that is seeing direct trades between the USD.

Let's see what happens next!

One more observation … Bitfinex their cold wallet for BTC @ 3D2oetdNuZUqQHPJmcMDDHYoqkyNVsFk9r

Has 138 660.87074962 BTC In it.

Not a single coin has been send from it since 22 Oct 2018

I don't know what that means. Does it mean people have stopped buying Bitcoin, so their hot wallets have not needed a refill since October 2018? Or does it simply mean they have other cold wallets they are using instead of this one?