A look behind the scene of Kain_niaK making his music.

2019-02-27T15:50:36.000Z Honest Cash

From my first Roland E-16 keyboard in 1999 (I was 14) to this. Long live technology.


In this video I am showing my FL Studio preset that I made to live muziek. On the streets busking (I got a big battery powered speaker and my laptop and also my keyboard has batteries). Or for gigs. Or in my own house when I am jamming and experimenting.

The last three years, FL Studio has gotten a lot better for live performance. In the old days this was Ableton Live it's speciality. But now FL Studio is making a come back for live performance stuff.

This post is a introduction post voor upcoming posts so people have this video as a reference. So they now what exactly I am doing when I am playing life.

For instance in my template I had a Pad + Bass on my right hand where only the lowest note is used for the bass. Without a video like this, people might not understand that. 

I am also finally finding ways to make loop based music life in FL Studio.

On a unrelated related note. When will I finally be able to embed videos on Honest.Cash????