The end of a journey.

2019-04-30T14:02:23.000Z Honest Cash

About half a year ago, I took a leap of faith.

Back then me and my family had been living a very frugal lifestyle for a year and had some savings in crypto. When the price was around $600 we drove from the cold sweden down to sunny portugal and stopped by several bitcoin cash meetups along the way. 

That was the start of a journey into a life of working with, and living on, crypto alone.

The first month I was working on CashID and more specifically on a presentation and implementation of the protocol, as I had already finalize the specification and built some test cases. During this time we were still driving and our money on hand were running short, and in a discussion about usability I had an idea for a solution to a decentralized naming scheme.

After about a month of working on CashAccounts I wrote an article explaining my financial situation and the article was published at about the same time as the project was released.

The feedback was immense and we've since received donations and financial backing that is equivalent of roughly a monthly salary for a decent employment in sweden. Using those donations and living a very frugal life we've been investing our time and attention into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and for the coming 4 months work was put in to create tooling and infrastructure for CashAccounts, the Cashual Wallet (currently in beta on google play), and the beginnings of several missing componentes in the ecosystem to increase usability for the average user.

One of those projects is CashIntents, which intend to solve the problem that the blockchain only stores technical transactional information, by formally specifying a structure in which two parties can safely and privately store metadata about a transaction together with it directly on the chain.

Sadly, no matter how I've tried to stretch out the funds and postpone the inevitable, the funding available has now grown so thin that I'm putting all projects on hold and will be driving back home to sweden again. The decision to change priorities is one of necessity and while I have not abandoned my work in Bitcoin Cash community, it is no longer my top priority and focus.

To all those that supported me in my effort to live off of crypto alone, I thank you. I've had an amazing experience the last 6 months, I've met many interesting people and I've got to work on projects that I truly believe matters in the long run.


RE: The end of a journey.

by @Tuventure

Dear Jonathan, hope you'll be back soon. I actually wrote in Twitter to Roger Ver a week ago requesting for his evaluation and perhaps support into your project(s). Perhaps he took a look. Perhaps not. I don't know since I'm not a big shot. And though I support his tenacity, I kinda in displeasure mode whenever he only engages debate with pro Blockstream zombies even giving them free bch to test, while not focusing grassroots. Grassroots such as users, such as indie developers, people who likely will gain usage in Indonesia, or Vietnam. Not Japan.

As a consolation, I too went into bch when it was going for 600, believing in its own merit. At that time Blockstream were using various battle tactics to tag Roger, push his emotional buttons even pin him as creator of Bitcoincash and people still believe that notion.

After the November fork, which was the perfect storm disaster, (in a super bear market, titans clashing openly with legal action, big blockers vs big blockers, Blockstream pushing their narrative even further) I wrote again to all the prominent people to talk to miners build PR and communications, not just wait.

Anyway, your work is strongly appreciated. Believe me mnay people agree and appreciate it too.

RE: The end of a journey.

by @JonathanSilverblood

Less than a day since I published the conclusion of my journey into the life as a full-time crypto developer - everything has changed. The support I received as a response to this has been an outright shock to me.

Seemingly overnight, I have gone from being in a troubled, stressful position having to take a hard look at what I've been doing lately, to having momentarily abundance and therefor the tools to remove many of the issues that has been gradually building up stress to this point. I have received a job offer, I have had a discussion with a generous entity about getting more consistent and dependable donations and I've had tens if not hundreds of small trickles of donations comeing in here and there.

What I didn't expect would happen though, was a handful of big donations totalling enough to solve the current issues I have, and keep me going as a dedicated Bitcoin Cash developer for at least half a year forward.

To all of those who decided to support this effort I am grateful.

I will now take a step back and focus on removing the stress by fixing some electrical issues with the RV we're living in, by fixing the fridge that failed us a week ago and drive back home to sweden where friends, family and people that talk a language I understand are more readily available. I will try to attend meetups on the way back home and I'll keep making some progress on my project as well. When back home I hope to continue a dedicated work on Cashual, CashIntents and CashCanary.

The job offer I have got is in Australia and is an opportunity to work in the space / a related field. It allows us the opportunity to relocate to a place more friendly to some of our philosphies of life, and would provide for a more stable economic situation. Taking it would be a life-changing decision and the paperwork alone would likely take months before anything materialize.

Whatever comes in the times ahead, let it be known that I am happy to have been, and to continue to be, a part of this ecosystem - building global peer to peer money for everyone in the world, including those who have no tangible interest in the technology behind it and just want something that works.

RE: The end of a journey.

by @adnjoo2

thank you for your work jon! 50chars50chars50chars50chars50chars50chars50chars

RE: The end of a journey.

by @im_uname

Thanks for all the work you have done! I understand that you can't keep working full time while on a shoestring budget (neither can I, sadly), but I still look forward to working with you in the future - albeit with less intensity.

Anyway, no strings attached, just a token of gratitude.