IEO-The Future of Token Sale

2019-04-28T12:45:08.000Z Honest Cash

What is IEO? And why is everyone talking about it? Does Leeqwid have a plan to provide the service?

While majority of cryptoheads already know what IEO is and why is it being discussed every where, now let’s talk about whether Leeqwid is working on an IEO platform or not. The answer is: definitely yes.

However, Leeqwid is not going to just jump into the hype and start right away. We will do a screening and filtering process on which project are going to be listed and start a token sale with us. With that being said, your next question might be: when?

As always, our developers are working so hard to deliver all aspects regarding a fully operational exchange that works beautifully as of now. The next big thing that’ll comes from them is a fully operational IEO platform with features like:

1. Built in KYC platform — while we always welcome new users to join the exchange, existing users who already completed their KYC process will be able to join any available IEO right away.

2. Ease of Transaction — users will be able to participate in the IEO using USDT, BTC, ETH, and last but not least, discounted rate using SEA tokens.

3. Instant Availability — most of the projects that plan an IEO with Leeqwid Exchange will be listed directly on the exchange within days after the token sale completion.

4. Funds Safety — IEO funds will be separated from the exchange funds and will be stored safely on the exchange’s cold wallets.

However, there are some things that needs to be done before we can deliver a perfect IEO platform. And we will always assure you that our developers are always there, working on something exciting for the betterment of the cryptocurrency world.