Potential Use Case for Tokens on Bitcoin Cash -- Coupons

2019-03-06T22:51:03.000Z Honest Cash

So earlier today I pulled an old bottle of cough syrup out of the medicine cabinet. Well box really. Inside the box was an old coupon. Well past expiration. As I was tying and failing to sleep and idea hit me. Businesses could use tokens for coupons. If you ever looked closely at an old coupon you will usually see something that says actual cash value and some small fraction of a cent. That small fraction of a cent could be the worth of the token. Now this might not make as much sense as it should as I'm kind of sleep deprived but here is the scenario I was thinking:

* ACME Inc wants to prop up sales of their giant slingshots.

* They decide to do some marketing including issuing discount coupons.

* A token is created using BCH for the total of the distribution. Let's just say 1 BCH in value

* That token consist of 10000000 coupons each worth 10sats each.

* The tokens will sent out via email, text message, ACME app, box inserts, etc.

* This is done by just sending a QR code. We are talking small fractions of a cent so theft isn't something to worry about.

* Being a former customer of ACME Inc you get a coupon.

* That coupon shows up as 1 ACMEGS token when you scan it into your wallet.

* Your wallet now has a token worth 10sats.

* You have the option of keeping those 10sats by cashing in your ACMEGS token or redeeming the coupon for the discount which transfers it back to ACME Inc.

* If neither is done in a certain amount of time the coupon expires. This means the token returns to ACME Inc.

* In any scenario no value is lost or coins destroyed.

Something like this would give businesses a new way of using an old method of advertising. Now imagine a store like Kroger that uses digital coupons. BTC can't do this. Lightning can't do this.

Hope this makes sense. Maybe someone can do something with it.