Could the BSV Chain Reorg Have Been a Test Attack?

2019-04-30T18:49:48.000Z Honest Cash

If you haven't heard yet bitcoin cash has a hard fork coming up on May 15th. There is already more than reasonable suspicion that there will be another attack during the upgrade. A large miner with 35% of the hash rate has appeared at just about the time BSV hash rate dropped. There have also been many veiled threats of an attack by pro BSV trolls on reddit. Recently there was also a 6 block deep chain reorg on the BSV blockchain. This got me thinking. What if this wasn't just another mess due to bad policies and code. What if this time it was a test of a planned attack.

Could such an attack be carried out on the BCH chain? If a miner with over 35% of the hash rater was to attempt to flood the blockchain with garbage transactions known only to those miners what could happen? Would they have trouble propagating due to the way they are not being relayed until included in a block and possibly cause a reorg on the BCH chain. Is BSV's goal to attempt this? Even if they don't or can't succeed in the attack could their goal be just to cause enough confusion to force another BCH selloff? They have already demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to damage BCH.

It's going to be a rough couple of weeks and I'm sure the popcorn industry is loving it.


RE: Could the BSV Chain Reorg Have Been a Test Attack?

by @Tuventure

Let's say it is probable.

Then to face the upcoming upgrade, perhaps the developers such as Amaury or Peter Rizun, should think of some preemptive protection.

But not just that, remember the split, it was partly due to non-communication or inadequate communication and PR and liasing with the other important component of a trust less system - - the mining people, mining pools, miners. Miners need to be informed.

Miners need how to. A good PR will smooth things.

I wrote several times to Rizun, Amaury, even Falkvinge and even a few other prominent twitter people to make some proper communication with miners. Even Roger.

Last year, Ryan X Charles tried his best to make people talk or discuss albeit just a week plus before the upgrade date. Goal is not to split since a split will cause drastic loss of confidence. Result: we are now less than ten percent. Before that Nov 2018 upgrade, we were at least ten percent.

Now fighting like cats and dogs, we have two sides. And Blockstream empire and Emperor are laughing at the bch group, bch community.

So please, hope and try to get the miners talking and agreeing So upgrade is successfully done without another Split.

I respect Roger but he only seem to response to agitators like S Gault or people challenge. He forgot that the grassroots are more important. The users.

RE: Could the BSV Chain Reorg Have Been a Test Attack?

by @adnjoo

Don't think it would work because BCH has a spam limit of 32MB, whereas SV was plonking 100MB blocks.

But yes I think the unknown miner may be a potential bad actor. If they have 51% of hash they can try to reorg the chain, try to steal money from exchanges, and block transactions.

RE: Could the BSV Chain Reorg Have Been a Test Attack?

by @Big_Bubbler

If BSV is using it's Hash to attack us, they would, in theory, be vulnerable to an attack as well. Maybe openly moving BTC hash rate to BSV would make them think about their own vulnerability (if they care about the survival of BSV?).