Smoking Weed on Honest.Cash

2019-01-11T16:09:15.000Z Honest Cash

Just waking up, living in the Netherlands. Kinda reading trough the posted stories on here. I wonder now Im seeing all this actually happen in front of my eyes. Why doesnt the original BTC chain have something like [this.

Is](http://this.Is) the censorship that real? I myself been shadowbanned before on twitter for a while, as well I know some people who's accounts been either destroyed by fake entities, claiming with fake identity the rights to an account, and then delete it.

Getting ready to search for these answers in the upcoming weeks. Will update in a few days/weeks about this matter.


RE: Smoking Weed on Honest.Cash

by @adrianbarwicki

We used BCH because:

1. Fast transactions
You can spend the coins on Bitcoin Cash as soon as your receive which is crucial for a consumer-facing product. Users do not want to wait 10 minutes in order to be able to interact with the platform.

2. Cheap transactions 
When you upvote, Honest distributes the upvote to the author and previous voters. In this case the amount that are sent can be even 1-2 cents. Bitcoin Cash makes the split cost-efficient due to its low fees.

3. Low infrastructure complexity
Did you know that we don't run a bitcoin node? It is possible thanks to the Cloud services of and the Bitbox framework. There is no equivalent for other blockchain platforms besides Ethereum.

4. Great and growing ecosystem
There are developer groups for bitcoin development that you can get enterprise-like support almost on-demand.

Other thing is that the community wants to bring permissionless cash to everywhere and there is a good vibe. Bitcoin Cashers do not attack other projects.

Why is it not on original Bitcoin?

My take on it: There is no "original" Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have more "bitcoinness" than the Bitcoin Core.

Bitcoin Core is missing every single point from the list that would make a network like Honest possible.

We chose to build on Bitcoin Cash because of the points 3 and 4.

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by @anarchovegan

Why do you choose BCH over BSV?

RE: Smoking Weed on Honest.Cash

by @Phantom

The main reason the BTC does not have services like this is because or the small blocks and higher fees. Tipping .002 BCH (~$0.05) and splitting it between everyone that has tipped would not be cost effective on the BTC chain. Looking at the average fee for the last 24hrs on BTC was $0.62 and on BCH was $0.01. So the tip is less than the transaction fee and gets worse as more people tip since it adds more output addresses making the transaction larger and increasing the fees.